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We are the trusted roofing company!

Fabion Watson

Aegis Roofing Enterprise Inc owners have over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry; the company was established in 2005. Customer Satisfaction and Attention to details are the foundation that Aegis Roofing Enterprise Inc was built on.

Aegis Roofing Enterprise Inc low prices set us apart from our competitors. In most cases we are giving our clients a better roof system and longer roof warranty for a lower price than our competitors.

Tips for checking your roof
            Look for loose, missing or broken tiles. For shingle roof look for holes, bulging nails or missing shingle tabs.
Check skylights and vents as well as the flashing around chimneys.
Tile roofs
Identify where your broken or missing tiles are. When Located you inspect the roof underlayment for breakage or holes in the roof felt paper.
Shingle Roofs
Look for bulging nails, holes or missing shingles

We Are Certified With the Below Dealers

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